Pursuing our destiny with Asia - April 25th

April 10th, 2013

ThinkTech Hawaii

ThinkTech and the Hawaii Venture Capital Association are collaborating on another luncheon panel program on April 25th at the Plaza Club. This one is called Hawaii's Growing Financial Connection with Asia - and what we can do to improve our prospects.

Asia has the fastest growing economies in the world, and Hawaii stands on the bridge along the way. But are we diligently pursuing our destiny on that bridge?

Hawaii has great opportunities to connect with Asia's financial markets - for reciprocal investments, for currency, equities and real estate markets; for banking, trading, import-export and professional exchanges; and for ventures, partnerships, jobs and careers, both public and private.

As with other Asia connections, we run the risk of being overflown. Are we seizing the day? What steps are we taking to grow our financial connection with Asia, and how well have we done? What else should we be doing to build a long-term financial relationship with Asia and solidify our position on the bridge?

And what do we, and our best and brightest, have to do to get in on it while the getting's still good.

Come down to our ThinkTech-HVCA luncheon panel program at the Plaza Club on April 25th and find out. Our program will feature an illustrious panel moderated by investment manager Veryan Allen of Merrill Lynch and comprised of:

• Betty Brow - Executive Vice President, International Banking Division, Bank of Hawaii.
• Steven Connell - Chief Investment Officer, Interlaced Investment Advisors.
• David Day - Office of David Day, attorney, specializing in international business practice.
• Roger Epstein - Cades Schutte, attorney specializing in international tax and investment.
• Brad Punu - Principal, Hawaii Office, Urban Capital of America.

For more details or to register, visit hvca.org.

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