We can learn a lot from Civil Union

February 22nd, 2011

ThinkTech Hawaii

Wow! Civil union passed in the first six weeks of the session.

Unhesitating they were, with clarity, speed and determination. With all the debate and controversy, it was almost incredible. One thing for sure - this means that when it wants, the legislature can do things really quickly, with resolution, daring and leadership. For me, it was remarkable and encouraging.

So the big question - why can’t they do this for tech and clean energy, for capital formation and the diversification of our economy? These things are also critically important to our quality of life and the future of our islands, and many people are equally passionate about seeing them converted to action.

In short, what we need to have is the same focus and alacrity on initiatives relating to our state economy. Whatever remarkable thing happened here, we need to do it again, and regularly.

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One Response to “We can learn a lot from Civil Union”

  1. zzzzzz:

    The Civil Unions bill has been many years in the making. Most of the legislative debating for the current version was done in the past couple of sessions.

    Having a governor who supports CUs, as well as the election results that didn't see any major CU backers voted out, showing the red shirts to be electorally toothless, led to its fairly smooth sailing this year.

    For tech and clean energy legislation to move as smoothly, similar groundwork and confluence of favorable factors would help greatly.